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    I can provide you the same or better quality service as the main dealers - without paying their prices

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    You can trust me to efficiently solve any problem you’re having with your car’s keys or locks, getting you back on the road before you know it. I’m trained to certified industry standards and use only the highest quality tools and equipment -for decoding, programming or picking – to make sure that whatever you need, we can provide the best car key solutions possible. As an independent business I can offer better prices than the main dealers or national franchises, giving you the best service in Chipping Campden without breaking the bank.



    Absolutely stunned at how reliable this service was, requested a quote, got a response within the hour, made an appointment without any difficulty.
    The bloke (believe his name was Bryan) not only cut and programmed me a new key, but also reprogrammed my old one which had broken at no extra cost – all in just 20 minutes!!

    a month ago

    Ben Noone

    Bryan replaced the car key for my BMW after I lost my only remaining key. Other locksmiths from the area turned me away but Bryan kindly responded to my query, quickly outlining the work required and the estimated cost.

     Bryan was friendly and helpful during the key replacement process, and I would definitely recommend him to anyone else who has car key issues.

    a month ago

    Robin Kerley

    I made an enquiry about a problem I had with my electronic key fobs and Bryan went out of his way to make sure I was a satisfied customer. Big Thank you.

    a month ago

    David M Moss

    Bryan gave me clear advice by text message that solved my problem and avoided me spending £85 on a replacement key fob. Great service.

    a month ago

    P Graham

    Outstanding service. Lost car keys! Called at 7am and he had got me back into my car with 2 replacement keys by 8am! And a lovely guy to boot.

    Very friendly and efficient. Best customer service I’ve experienced in a while. Thank you!

    a month ago

    If you’re looking for a local accredited and qualified Mobile Auto Locksmith in Chipping Campden, then look no further. You can reach us at any time via our online form or call now on or 07508 999 247

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      What is 6 + 2


      The main dealers would like you to believe the common misconception that they only way to get a new set of car keys is to go through them and pay their premium prices, but this could not be further from the truth.

      If you’ve lost your keys, locked yourself out of your car or just need a spare key then just give us a call and we can help – 24 hours a day, wherever you are.

      We’re a local business that offers 24 hour auto locksmithing quicker, cheaper and to a higher standard than the big companies or main auto dealers, so if you need help with your car keys we’re excited to hear from you!

      Losing your car key can feel like the end of the world – it’s easy to think that you’ll never see the inside of your car again or that you’ll have to destroy it to get the doors open. Luckily, we’re here to help you regain access to your vehicle using a variety of non-destructive techniques to get you back on the road without leaving a scratch.

      A key that’s been broken off in the ignition can be even scarier than once that’s just been lost, but there’s no need to worry. We can get the broken blade out of the barrel without the hassle of changing your locks – a service that not even the main dealers can provide.

      We can come to you anywhere in or around Chipping Campden whether your car is at home, work or even just the side of the road, and find the best replacement key or remote for your car’s make and model to get you moving again.

      Don’t feel silly if you’ve accidentally locked your keys inside your car – thanks to auto-locking systems everyone does it eventually. Whether your keys are trapped in the boot, stuck on a seat or left in the ignition we can help you get to them, even if your car is deadlocked.

      We use the best lockpicking tools available to open your car without damaging it – if you’re lucky a good enough lockpick can be almost as fast as the key. We’ve never seen a car we can’t get into before, so you can trust us to get the job done.

      The Car Key Specialist has been recommended by both the AA and the RAC for replacement keys and general auto locksmithing services in and around Chipping Campden.

      As important as your car key is to you, it’s a deceptively easy thing to lose. Everyone should have at least one spare key just in case, which we can help with. 

      Getting a spare key before you need it is easier (and cheaper) than getting a replacement after the worst has already happened, and we can create a spare that allows you to open and lock your car as easily as the original – if your car supports remote keys, we can even program those to work the same way.

      Depending on the transponder used in your car we will either duplicate your original key to make two that function identically, or use our programming devices to make you an entirely new set.

      There’s nothing more stressful than having your car keys stolen and having to worry that someone could open up – or worse, drive off, your car whenever they wanted. We can act as soon as possible to restore your peace of mind and keep your belongings safe.

      Car keys, even mechanical ones, contain a small computer chip which communicates with your car’s immobiliser to verify that it’s a legitimate key before it allows the engine to start – to stop you from being able to hotwire a car like in the movies. We can communicate with the immobiliser system to remove a key or remote from operation and turn the stolen key from something that can start your car into a useless piece of metal.

      If worst comes to worst and we can’t use the immobiliser to break the stolen key, we can also replace the physical locks and ignition and give you a new key to use, allowing you to feel safe again leaving your car out of sight.

      Unlike the main dealers we try to make it as easy as possible to get your car the help it needs. With us you can avoid the hassle of having to fill out paperwork or provide your v5 form and License and we can simply get straight to helping you with your car key issue.

      If you give us a call on 07508 999 247 you’ll be put through to an actual experienced auto locksmith, who will ask you for the information they need to understand your problem and offer advice – if we’re able to solve your problem over the phone, then we don’t even charge a fee.

      If not then you can book a time and a place where a locksmith can meet you and unlock your car, make you a new key or solve any other car key problem you have.

      The more information you give us about your car the faster we’ll be able to help you, as it will help us decide which replacement car key or new key fob will work best with your vehicle. Since we have our own supply of replacement keys compatible with all common vehicles on the road today we can usually begin helping you immediately, instead of needing to wait for the parts to be shipped from a factory.


      At The Car Key Specialist we provide high quality traditional auto locksmithing, such as the cutting and programming of manual keys (where a physical key blade turns the locking mechanism), however we can also repair and replace remote keys.

      Sometimes called key fobs, remote keys communicate with the car over radio waves to unlock the doors without needing to physically use the key. Although not all cars support the use of remote keys they are more convenient than traditional metal car keys and, due using an extremely secure system of heavily encrypted rolling codes, are no less secure.

      We can program replacement remote keys using our specialised programming devices similarly to mechanical keys to ensure their compatibility with your car’s internal electronics, letting you enjoy the convenience of being able to lock and unlock your car with the press of a button.

      Call us whenever you need an auto locksmith at any time of day, especially if you need help fast. We can provide car key support in Chipping Campden much faster than any of the main dealers, and whatever your problem might be we usually have you sorted in an hour or less after we arrive, letting you get back on the road without missing a beat.

      We can come to you anywhere in the GL55 area.

      Although the process may vary depending on your specific situation, generally we will begin by getting access to your car, by picking the car lock using our quality tools. This process is non-destructive and does no damage to your car.

      We then analyse your locking system (sometimes two cars that seem identical will use different locks) and decide which blank key or remote would be the best fit for you, then cut it on site in our van using a professional cutting machine to ensure the necessary precision to give you the highest quality.

      Although you might think that cutting the new key is the end of it, if you want to start your car it’ll need to be programmed to recognise your new key as legitimate instead of triggering the security systems, which we do using specialised software on bespoke programming devices.

      Finally we test the new key to ensure that it works with your car, and if it passes our tests then you’re good to go!

      If you’ve lost a car key and are worried about it being used to break into your car, then we can help by using our programming device to make your car no longer recognise the missing key, giving you valuable peace of mind.

      All of our products and processes are every bit as secure as what you’d get from your car’s manufacturer, and we never compromise the security of your vehicle to do our jobs.

      If you just can’t find your keys anywhere then it may be time to get a new set, which we can help with.

      We analyse your car’s locking system and decide on the right blank key or remote for you, which we cut on site using our industry-grade equipment into your new car key. We then connect our programming device to your car and bond the new key with your car’s system, letting you use it identically to the original.

      We can get you a new remote or new key fob the same way, by simply uploading the right software to make it compatible with your vehicle, then using the programmer to make the internal computer of your car recognise it.

      There’s absolutely no need to wait for an emergency to get in touch with us, as if you call or text on 07508 999 247 we’re more than happy to accept booking in advance to cut a new key or program a new key fob at whatever time best suits you.

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